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by | Jul 19, 2017 | Bookkeeping

Our Quick(books) Review sessions are back in full swing.  These sessions were very popular last summer and made tax time much Less Taxing for so many people.  During this one hour session, we’ll:

  • Balance SheetReview your Balance Sheet line by line to ensure accuracy
  • Explain what the balance sheet is telling you about the health of your business
  • Review your Chart of Accounts providing feedback on ways to generate more meaningful reports
  • Review your Profit and Loss statement for proper COGS vs expense categorization
  • Compare monthly reports for inconsistencies in data entry
  • Review Accounts Receivable so you know exactly what money is due to the business
  • Review Accounts Payable so you know who is waiting to get paid
  • Discuss Tax Law changes that might affect the deductible status of certain expenses

When our session is over, you’ll receive a written action plan outlining any changes, adjustments or fixes needed to get your books in tip top shape.


We do these sessions with screen share software so you can talk to us from the comfort of your own home or office with no need to drive across town!

This professional review costs $100.00 and can be set up at the link below.

Schedule your Quick(books) Review NOW!

Mike Russo

Less Taxing Services, LLC

Taxes — Bookkeeping — Accounting | Naples, FL


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